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Dev Diary 1: Tourist in Silent Hill

July 30th, 2021 · 2 min read


Hey gang, and welcome to the first Dev Diary for Misery Fields, an isometric horror game that is heavily inspired by Silent Hill, and the works of David Lynch.

My name is Sember and I am a game developer currently working solo on this project, this is a huge passion project of mine and I’ve already been working on it in some capacity for the past year, albeit mostly on the side since I have a full time job that takes up most of my time.

But, hopefully I can devote more time on this if there is support from the community. I might set up a Patreon, perhaps it could provide me with enough income so that I can fully commit to developing this game full time. All in due time though, right now I just want to create a playable demo in order to garner interest and build a community for the game.

So what can I tell you about the game and the state that it’s in?

Well for the past year or so, I’ve been creating core gameplay mechanics, and it’s actually pretty close to being in a very playable state. What’s not there is basically the visual assets, such as character models and environments, hence why I chose to use assets from Silent Hill in my prototypes, mainly to convey the art direction and mood of the game. But also cause Silent Hill has a special place in my heart. Obviously these are placeholders and won’t be used in the future, it’s just something for prototyping.

Here’s a little clip of that in action:


As far as gameplay goes, the game will mostly play like Disco Elysium, although with survival horror concepts sprinkled in, such as combat and puzzles. One of the main things I focus on when it comes to gameplay, is to make interesting experiences that center around exploration and unique gameplay mechanics, that are borderline surreal at times. While I can’t divulge too much into the specifics of these ideas, not at the moment at least. But this is something that I put a lot of thought and effort behind.

So in conclusion, the core principles for gameplay are; a focus on exploration, and player driven narrative, survival horror and puzzles.

Stay tuned for the next Dev Diary, which will come in the coming days, where I showcase more of the gameplay and a special feature I’ve been working on that’s gonna blow you away.

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